Cs Wannabees TWO Trailer

Skön trailer till våran film

Cs Wannabees TWO

Haha ! Våran uppföljare till Cs Wannabes ;D Nu även med Patrik ^^ ENJOY! =)

Cs Wannabees

Jag och mina polare som gjort en cs film 😀 Himla bra film ;D Dock lite muppigt att det är cs ^^ Också var det 1 år sen vi gjorde den så xD

Final Fantasy VII and AC My Immortal

Copyright owner: UMG My first VII AMV with some AC FMVs to The song is Evanescense – My Immortal

Final Fantasy X Iris

My first FFX AMV! Think this is quite good.. Enjoy ;D The song is Goo Goo Dolls – Iris

Final Fantasy VIII Far Away From Home

My first FF8 AMV! 😀 With Groove Coverage – Far Away From Home Lyrics: Verse 1 I’m loving living every single day but sometimes I feel so…. I hope to find a little peace of mind and I just want to know. Bridge: And who can heal those tiny broken hearts, and what are we […]

Final Fantasy IX Everything

My first FF9 AMV! Dont know if it’s as good as Wild Horses or Tears Dont Fall with FF:AC but worth to see. I jused the song Lifehouse – Everything Lyrics: Find me here And speak to me I want to feel you I need to hear you You are the light that’s leading me […]

Final Fantasy AC In Your Face

My fourth AMV now with Children Of Bodom

Final Fantasy AC Tears Dont Fall

Another FF:AC movie with the song Tears Dont Fall by Bullet For My Vallentine. Enjoy!

Final Fantasy AC Wild Horses

My favorite movie with one of my favorite songs! Wild Horses with Natasha Bedingfield! The first movie i’ve done! Hope you enjoy it! FINAL FANTASY ADVENT CHILDER ÄGER ALLT 😀

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