Kingdom Hearts – The Nowhere

Again, beautiful song made by Andreas Karnung First time I chose to use Kingdom Hearts to the AMV! I think this turned out way much better than I thought! Hope you’ll like it!

Spore Creature’s the greatest whatever

This is the finest selection of spores from our brand (Sporewtfofhell) “I ate a donut” – Vallsten

How to fix red ring of doom Step by step #1

Step by Step instructions: 1. Get 2 towels for the wrapping up the console 2. Turn ON your console and spread one towel out 3. Wrap the towel around the console from one side to another(make sure the console is still ON) 4. Wrap the second towel around the console from side to side( amke […]

GTA 4 Playboy X dancing bug

Haha wtf.. Playboy X dancing while im chasing him.. random funny Backround song is Doktor Kosmos – Doktor Knark is back in the town

How xbox live is supposed to be

How xbox live is supposed to be was made as a joke to Neppan and is mostely inside jokes ..

Christer Sjögren gillar Europe

Christer Sjögren gillar verkligen Europe (Bandet inte världsdelen). Det här är första versionen av låten innan det var någon smart tomtejävel som kom på att istället för att smöra för Europe för att få deras röster i melodifestivalen så smörar dom för världsdelen istället eftersom då blir det mer röster plus att det blir BILLIGARE!

Balloon Head 2

Balloon Head 2 flash movie

Balloon Head

Balloon Head is the shiet!

Teh Macka Of Doom!!!

Teh Macka Of Doom!! The scariest movie ever.. Do you dare to see it? I bet you dont..

Top 15 song (All categories updated)

Copyright owner: WMG This is my second top 15 song video and updated, So that you can see what songs I like right now =) Enjoy

How Guitar Hero is supposed to be..

Voices from members from !! Enjoy the great movie!

Assassins Creed Glitch

I was running away from some guards in the great city of damascus and then i fall down into a building and i can shoot them with my throwing knifes but they cant se me Funny

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