Shadow of the colossus The Acoustic Song

This is my first SOTC AMV with the song The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – The Acoustic song. I think the result turned out pretty good in the end.. Enjoy Lyrics : When I see your smile tears roll down my face I can’t replace. And now that I’m strong I have figured out how this […]

Top 15 of my favorite songs (All categories)

Copyright owner: WMG This is my collection of the 15 best song that I know at this moment. Thank you everyone at msn that have helped me with bombing me with great songs :3 Hope you’ll enjoy this video. Please rate and comment

A note left Unwritten FFX AMV

This beautiful song was made by Andreas Karnung. I used it to Final Fantasy 10 and I really hope you’ll like the result!

Top 10 of wonderful songs

This is my collection of the most beautiful songs that I know.. Copyright by Sony/BMG Hope you’ll like it!

FFIX How to save a life AMV

This is my FF9 AMV with The Fray – How to save a life! Hope you’ll like it..

Final Fantasy AC Black Balloon

My second AMV with Goo Goo Dolls. Thank you Tim for sending it to me! Great song and this is the AMV I’ve been putting the most time with.. Enjoy! Lyrics: Babys black balloon makes her fly I almost fell into that hole in your life And youre not thinking about tomorrow cause you were […]

SOAD Fan Vid

An System of a down fan vid I did with the song Lonely Day. Hope you’ll enjoy it Lyrics: Such a lonely day And its mine The most loneliest day of my life Such a lonely day Should be banned It’s a day that I can’t stand The most loneliest day of my life The […]

Final Fantasy IX Chop Suey

My second AMV with Final Fantasy 9.. Think this one is quite good and I love the song System of a down (L)

Final Fantasy IX Im Still Here

My second FFIX AMV with John Rzeznik – I’m Still Here Really love this song and this game.. Hope it’s a good kombination

Final Fantasy 10 Mitt Rop På Hjälp

My new AMV with Fronda – Mitt Rop På Hjälp That’s my first AMV with a swedish song! Think this one is quite good =)

FFX and FFX-2 AMV The Truth Is

This is my first AMV with both FFX and FFX-2.. Dont think it’s as good as the others but it’s still okey! The song is with Kristine Sa – The Truth Is Thank you Tommy (Rhammie) for giving me this song Lyrics: Everywhere I look, I turn, it seems that you are there Everyone I […]

Cs Wannabees TWO Tabbar

Våra tabbar till den ägiga filmen 😀 Haha =)

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